WWE Superstar Kevin Owens apparently loves to beat up Cleveland celebrities

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Kelly initial gatling gun. Now Logan Paul.

WrestleMania 37’s 2nd evening had a link on Sunday evening when the YouTube individuality as well as Westlake indigenous Paul worked as among the large celeb visitors of the evening.

Paul existed to assistance WWE Superstar SamiZayn But throughout Zayn’s suit, Paul was gained by the efficiency of Zayn’s challenger as well as follower fave Kevin Owens.

After Owens’ success, Paul delved into the ring to praise Owens as well as increase his hand in success. The minimal group in participation at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa started to sing Owens to fulfill his copyrighted astonishment on the polarizing YouTube personality. Owens dedicates:

It’s not the very first time Owens has actually beat a celeb on the planet ofWWE In 2015, rap artist/ star Machine Gun Kelly showed up on an episode of Raw as well as was flopped by an established developer for his difficulties by Owens.

As component of the story, Owens claimed he was “brushed up away” as well as said sorry to MGK. But Owens plainly does not mind knocking senseless a star visitor, specifically one from Cleveland, every once in a while.

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