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As professionals, we often get asked: “What is rotational molding used for?” Rotomoulding is used to make a very diverse range of products.

The process offers the product designer exceptional freedom as just about any shape can be produced. Plastic is an extremely versatile manufacturing category with almost limitless product possibilities due to the customizable nature of the manufacturing process.

offers a number of benefits too, but it’s not the best production process for every part. So how do you decide if it’s a fit for you? Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the process is the first step towards making a decision with confidence.


is a process that can melt powdered plastic resin and shape it into the desired final product. Plastic resin starts as powder which are then placed inside of a hollow, rotating mold by various machines.

Rotations continue for about 10 minutes until all surfaces have been coated in molten liquid; this process takes place at approximately 270 degrees Fahrenheit or 140 Celsuis (though differences may vary). When the part has reached its designed thickness and cooled to harden, rotations stop so operators can remove the finished parts from their molds.

The rotomolding process is a low-pressure, high-heat technique that requires metal molds due to the soft and pliable nature of the material. This allows for multiple insertions in different parts of the mold before it’s pulled out from its polymer form.

Polyethylene resin is often used because it breaks down when exposed to heat instead of chemicals like epoxy or urethane which would break down with prolonged exposure at these temperatures.

The many customizable options that are possible with rotomolding technology is found when considering how different thermoplastics can be used to create various prototypes and end-use parts at the same time.

What Kind of Products are Made With

is a great innovative process for making a wide variety of products, usually available in nine main categories but not limited to these.

  1. Tanks
    is a process of manufacturing that can be used to create tanks which are perfect for storing liquids like water, chemicals or sewage. These types of plastics are often seen in fuel and oil storage tanks, septic tank systems, as well as those designed specifically for the shipping industry.

2. Containers
Regardless of what kind of container you need- from drums to refrigerated boxes, there is a diverse number available for material handling. However, the most common options are bulk plastic containers and shipping containers.

3. Transportation
Rotational molding is a versatile technique that can be used to manufacture many different items. Just some of the products made with this method include diesel fuel tanks, tractor dashboards, wheel arches, instrument panels and ducts- all large parts needed in industry.

Rotational molding also has accessibly benefits for people who are disabled or elderly as it allows them to make supermarket trolleys out of plastic rather than metal; these types of carts have been shown to help save energy because they weigh less on their own while carrying more weight (making fewer trips necessary).

 Additionally rotational molded plastics like cones and road signs provide safety features not present otherwise such as stop lights which reduce accidents by over 40%.

4. Materials Handling
When it comes to material handling solutions, rotational molding can create an efficient product for almost any scenario﹣no matter how large the job may be.

Some of the popular products created with these methods include crates, pallets, cooler boxes, shipping containers, trash cans, utility carts, and packaging supplies.

5. Toys & Leisure Items
Have you ever seen a toy or product for kids that was created with rotational molding? Playground equipment, balls, and many popular children’s toys can be manufactured using this technique. Additionally outdoor furniture such as garden planters and rain barrels are also made in the same way! You may not know it but some of your favorite yard accessories like crazyflamingos can come from these processes too!

6. Medical Field Products
Rotational molding creates a number of products important to labs, hospitals and doctor’s offices.

They include Stretchers – these are often made with aluminum or steel frames which provide rigidity while also remaining light enough so they’re easy to move around.

7. Marine Industry 
The rotomolding process is one of the most popular in marine environments for creating durable and lightweight materials like floats, buoys, dock floats, pool liners; even recreational watercrafts such as pontoons or kayaks

Casing of Medical Specimens/Samples – containers molded from high density polyurethane foam help maintain sterility when transporting tissue cultures or blood samples.

8. Variety of Industries
Rotational molding is a versatile and adaptable process, meaning that it can be used for an extensive variety of industries. Some examples are dental chairs and lockers to agricultural equipment or manhole covers.

The versatility does not stop there though; this technique has been increasingly utilized in the artistic design field as well including light fixtures, decorative products like sculptures or statues, paintings which use paint on canvas rather than oils or watercolor paints—all thanks to rotational molding!

9. Custom Plastic Molding
At R&R Technologies LLC., we offer rotational molding services to ensure that our customers get the perfect product at a price they can afford. Due to its ability for being customized, this process is an excellent option for manufacturers and entrepreneurs who need unique parts or products. Our custom molding service allows us to make large items from heavy durable material like steel so you don’t have any limitations on what design your project requires.

If you’re looking for a rotational molding manufacturer to help with your project, we can produce custom molds that are sure to fit the bill. We offer high quality services at competitive prices and would love an opportunity to show you what we have in store!  Call R&R Technologies LLC (812) 526-2655

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