Tip from a neighbor leads to the arrest of suspects: Lakewood Police Blotter


Burglary: Richland Avenue

A man called the at 8: 45 p.m. on December 18 to report that 2 guys had actually attempted to kick his neighbor’s door and after that ran south through Richland.

According to a occurrence report, officers overtook 2 suspects and charged an adult man with breaking and going into, having an open container and drug stuff. According to the report, a juvenile suspect was apprehended on suspicion of the burglary.

Major Vehicle Theft: Lake Avenue

A man called the at 9: 29 p.m. on December 18 to report that he might not discover his car in the car park where he had actually parked it 3 hours previously.

Driving under the impact: Lake Avenue

A law enforcement officer reported at 3: 10 am on December 21st that he was driving a automobile that crashed into a yard on Lake Avenue near Hird Avenue. The officers apprehended the motorist for driving a car while he was intoxicated. The car was pulled from the scene.

Stolen motorbike: Lake Avenue

A regional citizen called at 7: 42 p.m. on December 21 to report that his motorbike was missing out on at the back of the structure where he lived.

Drunk Driving: Winchester Avenue

Officials reacted to a report at 12: 42 p.m. on December 19 that a motorist came across a tree and parked automobile in Winchester. The apprehended an adult woman for driving a automobile while she was intoxicated.

Theft: Elbur Avenue

A regional citizen called the at 2: 46 pm on December 19 to report that a plan had actually been taken from his deck.

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