The Cleveland radio host is lifeless at 72

Rock fans in Cleveland, find out what happened to Michael Stanley, and we share the sad here, too. The musician and radio personality died on Friday March 5th with his family by his side, as announced today by his longtime job, classic rock radio station 98.5 WNCX.

Meanwhile, David Spero, Michael’s best friend and former manager, told 3 that the musician died peacefully in his sleep Friday night. He was 72 years old.

What happened to Michael Stanley? His death came after a battle with lung cancer.

“Michael fought lung cancer for seven months with the same strength and dignity that he wore all his life,” said WNCX in its announcement. “He will always be remembered as a loving father, brother, husband, loyal friend, and leader of one of Cleveland’s most successful rock bands.”

Source: Facebook

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Just two days before Michael’s death, WNCX announced that the radio host had resigned from his show, citing “serious health problems”. As Distractify previously reported, Michael hasn’t been on the air since February 19th.

“Michael Stanley is dealing with serious health problems that are preventing him from joining you in his 3 to 7pm time slot,” said the broadcaster’s Facebook statement. “Until recently, being on the air was important to him because you, his fans, mean so much to him. From now on he can no longer continue this. Please keep Michael in your mind … “

Michael had a long and successful career.

In addition to hosting the WNCX afternoon radio show for 31 years, Michael played Heartland rock music, both as a solo artist and as a member of bands such as Silk and the Michael Stanley Band. In 1981 the Michael Stanley band’s song “He Can’t Love You” reached number 33 on the Billboard Top 40, and their track “My Town” reached number 39 two years later, according to 3News.

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Source: StarDJEntertainment / YouTube

In 2019, Michael received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arts Prize. Barry Gabel, Live Nation’s senior vice president of marketing and sponsorship sales, called Michael “Poet Laureate in Northeast Ohio” at the time.

“Indiana could have one [John] There might be a Bob Seger in Mellencamp, Detroit, ”added Barry in an interview with Magazine. “We have a Michael Stanley.”

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Michael Stanley is survived by his wife Ilsa Glanzberg and his children and grandchildren.

According to 3News, Michael leaves behind his “new” wife of three years, Ilsa Glanzberg – the best friend of his deceased third wife who died in 2011 after a fight against lung cancer – as well as his two daughters and five granddaughters.

According to WNCX, the singer-songwriter will be retired on a private service, but fans can use his memory to make contributions to the Cleveland Bank and / or the Animal Protective League.

After WNCX announced Michael’s death on Saturday March 6th, it also released a letter he wrote before his death. “Well, if you’re reading this, I’ll be on my way to catch up on a big club tour of the sky,” Michael wrote on the note. “But before the bus leaves, I want to thank all of you for being part of my musical journey, both on stage and on the record and behind the microphone here at WNCX.”

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