The Cleveland Metropolis Johnson & Johnson vaccines all went to the subway for homeless folks

Protecting the from MetroHealth on Vimeo.

The of has received far fewer doses of the Ohio state’s Johnson & Johnson coronavirus single-dose vaccine than the two-dose vaccines Moderna and Pfizer, the city’s youth chief Tracy Martin-Thompson (who oversees the health department) said the City Council on Monday.

To date, the city has only received 300 of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and all of them have been shipped to MetroHealth to be given to the city’s population, Martin-Thompson said.

MetroHealth confirmed to Scene that this was the case. The hospital system had already given 500 first doses of the Moderna vaccine to both members of the community and staff who interact with them on a regular basis last week. The City of made this available to the Cuyahoga County Health Department and was administered by Metro.

Metro then received the Johnson & Johnson cans on Friday. They plan to manage them this and next week in a number of temporary shelters and service providers for the homeless, including Frontline, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries, the West Side Catholic Center, the of Hospitality in St. Herman, Journey DVCAC, the Metanoia Project and others.

“It is a privilege to serve this community, one of the most vulnerable and in line with MetroHealth’s mission,” a MetroHealth Scene spokesperson wrote in an email.

The video embedded above is from vaccine distribution at 2100 Lakeside, the men’s home administered by Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries. It is the largest shelter in the state of Ohio.

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