Statues of Jesus installed all over Cleveland are just statues. Don’t call the police this time.

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  • Community West Foundation

  • Jesus statue from the Matthew 25 collection in the old stone church

In October 2020, a bronze statue illustrating a “ Jesus” went viral. Twenty minutes after it was set up outside St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Bay Village, somebody called the and mistook the statue for an individual who was homeless.

The regional Community West Foundation, which obtained the statue by Canadian carver Timothy Schmalz, thought it was doing precisely what it was expected to: promote discussions about compassion and social justice.

Spurred on by this event, the Westlake Foundation started talks with Schmalz about the acquisition of additional works. The piece “ Jesus” is really part of a set of 6 statues that comprise the “Matthew 25 Collection”. They are based upon the 25th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.

The Community West Foundation formally gotten all 6 statues this summertime. She revealed this week that, with some hold-up, the statues will now be set up on time for Christmas in that are focused on the neighboring west side.

The Bay Village sculpture “ Jesus” was a reproduction. The irreversible variation will be installed outside the parish of St. Malachi. When I Was Sick, a statue illustrating Jesus in a of physical and psychological health problem, will be positioned outside the Clinic Lutheran Hospital. “When I Was in Prison” will be installed at Bridge CLE (previously Family Ministry Center) on Fulton Road. “When I Was a Stranger” will be installed in The Refugee Response of the Urban Community School. And “When I Was Naked” will be installed at Malachi House.

All brand-new setups, with the exception of the Urban Community School place, need to be finished by the end of Thursday. Due to building deal with the UCS school, “When I Was a Stranger” is not anticipated to be completely installed till spring.

The last statue “When I was starving and thirsty” comes from the Old Stone Church in Square and has actually currently been set up. (Photo above.)

According to the Community West Foundation, will be just the 2nd in the world, after Rome, Italy, to have all 6 bronze sculptures in the collection on display screen at the exact same time.

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