Showers, storms, up and down temperatures are forecast this week: Weather in Cleveland, Akron

CLEVELAND, Ohio – It’s fuming. It’s gon na be awesome. There is an opportunity of electrical storms. And there will certainly be some sunlight.

Fortunately, that’s not all that is recognized in northeast in someday. But it will certainly be an up and down week.

It begins Monday, and the National Weather Service requires showers and electrical storms in Akron and throughout the day, particularly prior to 9 a.m. It is partially bright in the Cleveland location and mainly gloomy inAkron It does not obtain that cozy either, with highs around 80 in Cleveland and in the reduced 80 s inAkron The over night lows will certainly be in the mid-1960 s and there is a small opportunity of electrical storms in the Akron location.

Hot weather will certainly returnTuesday The highs are in the top 80 s with partially bright skies in and mainly bright problems inAkron The possibility of showers and electrical storms returns over night and the lows stay in the top 60 s.

Cloudier problems with even more opportunity of showers and electrical storms are prepared forWednesday Highs will certainly be in and Akron in the reduced 80 s. Temperatures will certainly go down to the top 50 s over night and showers and electrical storms are feasible once more.

Thursday is rather completely dry and looks wonderful … mainly bright and 73 in and bright and 77 inAkron The over night lows will certainly be in the mid-1950 s, with rainfall possibilities.

Friday will certainly be awesome and damp, with highs in your top 60 s and showers likely. The rainfall will certainly last all evening and the lows will certainly be in the mid 50 s.

On Saturday there will certainly be partially bright skies and highs in the reduced 70 s, while Sunday in the mid 70 s will certainly be mainly bright with highs.

Monday sunup: 6 a.m.

Sunset: 8: 48 p.m.

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