Senaida Perez helps Spanish speakers navigate life in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Meet unrecognized heroine Senaida Perez.

“Esperanza, which implies hope, there is hope in whatever in life, you simply need to have it, think in it and you can attain it,” Perez stated.

Hope is precisely what Perez gives numerous Spanish-speaking households in Cleveland.

“I’m refraining from doing anything for you, however I will assist you … I believe the most crucial thing is to present them to resources in their neighborhood,” Perez stated.

Perez works in the Multilingual Multicultural Education Office for the Metropolitan School District.

Every day, she helps as much as 20 households gain access to life-altering resources through the South Branch Library.

“GED classes, English as a 2nd language, attempting to discover a brand-new ability, taking a civil service test, tests, ZOOM conferences for court dates,” she stated.

Perez matured in Defiance, and stated there weren’t numerous Hispanic households in that location.

“I was the minority,” Perez included.

Perez stated she appreciated civil liberties leaders like Martin Luther King, who assisted her navigate a world that was extreme on minorities.

“So he spoke with me, not simply for me, however to me, and made me understand to be pleased with who you are despite whatever that comes your method,” Perez stated.

It wasn’t simply MLK’s words that motivated Perez, however his actions also.

She stated she didn’t have anybody in her home town to assist Spanish speakers navigate life, so she wished to be that individual for households here in Cleveland.

“It’s just natural, I originate from a huge household … we have actually constantly had to do with household and assisting each other,” Perez stated.

Perez’s dedication to assisting others is why she’s an unrecognized hero, although she does not believe she is.

“Because I didn’t do the work to be acknowledged and I was absolutely amazed that I was acknowledged,” Perez stated.

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