Save the historic Cleveland Playhouse structure from the wrecking ball

I was impressed to hear the that the Clinic might be preparing to destroy the historic Cleveland Playhouse. The initial playhouse was integrated in 1927. In 1983 a crucial postmodern extension was developed by designer Philip Johnson.

The initial structure and annex have a considerable regional existence. Born in Cleveland, Johnson was acknowledged worldwide through modernism and postmodernism. The Playhouse addition was constructed to deal with the initial Playhouse complex and represents regional creative and architectural undertakings. It is the just example of Johnson’s operate in Cleveland.

has a history of conserving impressive structures: the Cleveland Trust Tower, which ended up being the Nine Hotel; the temple on Ansel Road, to the Performing Arts Center; and the Society for Savings Building, which was accepted into the Society Center. These structures was essential in maintaining Cleveland’s character and separating it from the sun-belt cities of the country.

The neighborhood ought to ask for that the Cleveland Clinic reevaluate any strategies to destroy the Playhouse complex. The council ought to think about designating it as a Landmark.

Robert D. Keizer,

Robert D. Keizer is the previous secretary of the Landmarks Commission.

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