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Plastic Molder Pro offers a directory of listings for injection molding companies near me in the United States. In addition, it lists the most trusted industrial services listings in the United States. These plastic injection molding firms can design, engineer, and manufacture injection-molded products according to your requirements and needs.

Our directory is the best place to find information about plastic manufacturers of plastic molding, insert molding, and other related topics. The Plastic Molder Pro directory has a comprehensive list of all the top injection molding companies in the USA. Below is a small sample selection of the top 10 injection molding companies in America.

Top Companies

  • The Rodon Group Hatfield (PA)
  • D&M Plastics LLC
  • R&D Molders, Inc.
  • MVP Plastics Middlefield (OH)
  • World Class Plastics, Inc.
  • SI Plastics, Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
  • Colonial Engineering, Inc. Portage, MI
  • Reliance Engineering Lancaster MA
  • Franklin, WI – Broker Manufacturing LLC

Plastic is a very competitive market. Businesses needing plastic components have many choices. You need to make sure you consider several factors when choosing a company that can help plastic injection mold your parts, supply, or costs.

While this information is valuable and informative, it’s not enough to find local plastic businesses. To keep common problems like late deliveries or limited capacity, it is essential to understand what you should look for in a provider.

How can you find the best plastic company?

Plastic is an economical solution that helps businesses optimize their existing components and improve their operations. However, for businesses in different industries to reap the benefits of plastic molding, they need to find a reliable company and meet their requirements.

Consider these five essential criteria when considering whether to introduce plastic injection molds into your business or if you are looking to change your provider.

Reliable production

You should expect your plastic provider to be able and able deliver your product within the agreed deadlines. They should use a multi-step approach to project design and production and show you tangible evidence that their manufacturing process can meet your needs.

Also, the production process must ensure consistent product quality. Ask potential plastic molders whether they are ISO certified. It’s independent verification that they comply with industry quality standards.

Timely completion of a project

Find a company that can fulfill your plastic mold component needs and delivers them within the stipulated timeframe. They should communicate openly with you, their client, throughout the process and address your concerns. They should be able to get the materials they require for the plastic process. It will avoid delays.

Your preferred provider must be able to efficiently handle clients’ projects as well as manage their teams. This will help you to be on time and reliable.

Engineering-based expertise

A plastic injection molding company with experienced mold engineers is crucial because they can optimize your components and create them to your specifications. If you have engineering skills, you can produce plastic parts that will work in specific applications.

Experienced technicians can also assist with determining the requirements of your project and managing it from conception through completion.

Science-backed advanced practices

A reputable company will also keep updated with the latest advancements in plastic injection mold technology and employ proven design and production techniques. A quality plastic injection molding company should have a solid scientific foundation and use tools and techniques proven to work. Therefore, it will ensure long-term success and reduce the risk of failures.

For high-quality components made of plastic, it is vital to use a scientific, reliable method that can be repeated with minimum deviation and the highest product consistency.

Reliability of all injection molding companies

Finally, some other things you need to consider before hiring a professional injection molding company. You should also ask about their experience in injection molding and get recommendations from clients. You should also discuss their manufacturing capacities, ISO metrics, and delivery methods to determine whether they meet your requirements.

People often ask questions.

How Many Injection-Molding Companies Are There in the USA?

There were 371 Injection Molding Manufacturing businesses in the US as of 2021. This is a decrease in injection molding manufacturing companies of -1.2%, compared to 2020.

Who makes injection molds in America?

  • Plastek Industries, Inc. Erie PA
  • Boyne City MI LexaMar Corp.
  • Jones Plastic & Engineering Co. LLC Louisville KY
  • Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering, Inc. Rochester Hills MI
  • MMI Engineered Solutions Saline MI
  • Clearwater FL: American Tool & Mold, Inc.
  • Ironwood Plastics, Inc. Ironwood MI
  • Seaway Plastics Engineering LLC Port Richey FL
  • Alwin Clintonville WI
  • Decatur Mold, Tool & Engineering, Inc. North Vernon IN

What is the cost to have a product injection-molded?

Plastic injection molds are expensive. These range from $100 for low-volume 3D-printed injection molds to over $100,000 for multi-cavity steel molds for high-volume production. It’s the most expensive fixed start-up cost in injection molding.

Why is injection molding cheaper than 3D printing?

Injection molding is cheaper than 3D printing if you produce more than 100 parts. While 3D printing can be affordable, injection molding is much more expensive than 3D printing. However, you can still produce more parts from your mold.

Why do plastic injection molds cost so much?

The injection mold is the most costly part of injection molding. However, it can increase production runs by significantly increasing the size and complexity of smaller parts. Therefore, the cost of an injection mold is affected by its size, complexity, and the number of parts it produces.

How many years can an injection mold last?

The Society of the Plastics Industry divides injection molds into classes according to their expected life expectancy. Class 101 – Life expectancy up to +1,000,000 cycles. These injection molds are the most expensive. Class 102 – Life expectancy not exceeding 1,000,000 cycles

What materials are used to make injection molds?

Most plastic injection molds are made of hardened or pre-hardened metal, aluminum, beryllium/copper alloy, or hardened steel. Steel molds are preferable due to their long-lasting nature, even though they are more costly.

What is injection molding made of steel?

Steel’s strength, hardness, and durability make it easier to retain the exact shape of areas. Durability. Advantage: Steel. Steel molds are more durable than other materials.

What’s a solid plastic to use for injection molding?

A transparent thermoplastic called polycarbonate (PC) is available in various strengths and shatter-resistant designs for plastic injection molded products.

Acrylic can also be injection-molded

The acrylic material can be made opaque or translucent by plastic injection molding. Rebling also performs insert molding to convert metal inserts into acrylic.

Is LDPE injection molded?

The LDPE is lightweight and flexible. It can also be injected molded for many purposes.

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