Ohio’s one-day COVID-19 case number breaks the previous record

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Department of Health verified 15,989 brand-new -19 cases Thursday, surpassing the previous day’s record by more than 3,000 cases.

The time comes when the Ohioans have actually overwhelmed the test websites, making it hard for those contaminated or searching for a test prior to the vacations to get one.

The reported 345 brand-new -19 medical facility admissions on Thursday.

Northeast continues to lead the method -19 cases, and a number of counties in Northeast Ohio report the greatest number of cases in the whole United States. According to a New York Times database, Cuyahoga County has the 2nd greatest number of cases per capita in the United States. The Times information likewise reveals Lake County ranks number 8 across the country.

Data from the Department of Health programs 14,905 cases were taped in Cuyahoga County in the previous week – more than 3 times more than Franklin County, which has a bigger population. There have actually been 170 brand-new -19 medical facility admissions in the previous week, according to Cuyahoga County state information.

As the number of cases increases, the number of vaccinations boosts, both for booster and brand-new vaccinations. The state reported that 10,153 Ohioans started their vaccination procedure on Thursday. The state discovered Thursday that 44,553 more Ohioans got a booster vaccination. Nearly 54% of Ohioans are totally immunized versus -19 and 21% will be topped up, the state says.

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