Northeast Ohio’s nonprofits remain stable as the COVID-19 pandemic continues

In this 2017 picture from Trials for Hope volunteers, Ben Langham, left, and Katrina Blatt, far right, Jonathan Gray, 49, creator of the not-for-profit that assists low-income and households with shipments from the higher location, Access to groceries at Food Bank in the Clark-Fulton community of Cleveland. A brand-new Food as Medicine cooperation, including MetroHealth, Citizens Bank, and with the assistance of the Foundation, is recommending – and supplying – healthy food to individuals in requirement, however is requesting for extra contributions this Christmas season.The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio – While some U.S. nonprofits are feeling the monetary tension from -19, lots of in Northeast continue to hold out.

While financing for nonprofits has actually constantly been a concern, the monetary concern brought on by the pandemic has actually just made the issue even worse. Even so, with the assistance of -19 help like Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans together with generous contributions from their donors, lots of regional nonprofits are working as normal.

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