NFL is considering postponing the Cleveland Browns vs. Las Vegas Raiders game

The NFL is now considering postponing the week 15 match in between the Cleveland and Las Vegas Raiders due to a -19 break out within the center.

The now have more than 20 favorable -19 cases on their team, consisting of head coach Kevin Stefanski and their starting and backup quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Case Keenum.

According to a number of reports, the league is now speaking with the NFLPA about a possible post ponement of the game due to the break out. However, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the Raiders know the circumstance and disagree.

The NFL delayed a number of video games last season due to -19 break outs however did not change a game for 14 weeks this season. The league has actually revealed that it will not change the game schedule due to competitive downsides, however will go over modifications due to the high variety of cases.

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NFL is considering postponing Raiders game


Brown’s DE Jadeveon Clowney tests favorable for -19

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