Native musicians work collectively on singles to assist Cleveland golf equipment

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singer-songwriters Ariel Karas and Brent Kirby recently teamed up to organize a special collaborative music project to save Cleveland’s independent music venues.

Karas and Kirby recruited 18 musicians, many of whom had recently received a Northeast Music Relief Fund grant provided by the nonprofit Rocks: Past Present and Future.

To date, the nonprofit has raised over $ 45,000 for musicians.

Kirby was working remotely because of the pandemic and asked the group for song titles: “When the Lights Come on Again” was the winning track. Kirby then came up with ideas for verses and a refrain for the participants, which he then combined into a catchy tune of a song. He asked the participants to sing the choir, sing a verse in their own words / melodies / phrases and then the choir again, and with a little help from producer Jim Stewart of Jim Stewart Studios, the finished product came together.

“The final product celebrates the different genres of music and talent that can be heard across Cleveland,” read a press release about the title. “When the Lights Come on Again is a hopeful anthem for musicians and music lovers, and a song of such power required a video that not only shows some of Cleveland’s greatest talent, but also visually celebrates Cleveland’s cherished music venues.”

Cindy Barber, director of CR: PPF and co-owner of Beachland, reached out to her friends Ron Goldfarb and Tony Weber of Goldfarb and Weber Creative to put the music video together.

“Editor Vic DiAngelo captured the magic and emotions of the music scene in this video, and we’re so proud to share it with the whole city,” the press release said.

The song and video raised over $ 2500 for the #saveCLEVenues fund on the first weekend of their release. CR: PPF has set a fundraising goal of US $ 10,000 and hopes, with the support of the press, to raise the awareness necessary to achieve its goal.

Artists who participated in the project included Karas and Kirby, Chris Allen, Alex Bevan, Victor Beyens, Austin Walkin Cane, Jenna Fournier, Sam Hooper, Carlos Jones, Bryan Karas, Travis Kazarian and Kyle Kidd. Jen Maurer, Theresa May, Michael McFarland, Jason Meyers, Davidione Pearl, Maura Rogers, DJ Crilla, Afi Scruggs, Mikey Silas, Megan Stepka, Lamont Thomas, William Washington, Leigh Ann Wise and Jacob Wynne.

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