Myles Garrett is the first Cleveland Brown to appear in Madden. achieved an overall rating of 99

The Browns really got some great today when EA let protective end Myles Garrett understand that he is now ranked 99 overall.

It’s been a rough week for Browns fans. In reality, it’s been a difficult couple of years for fans. With 20 players checked favorable for -19 today and their video game versus the Raiders being delayed to Monday night, it would be good to hear some great news. EA provided the items, exposing that Brown’s protective end Myles Garrett gotten an overall rating of 99 in Madden NFL 22. Garrett is the first Cleveland Brown to get this level of regard from Madden designers.

The minute @Flash_Garrett learnt about this, he signed up with the @EAMaddenNFL # 99Club.

Congratulations Myles!

– Cleveland Browns (@Browns) December 16, 2021

Myles Garrett is having a hell of an excellent year for the Browns, with 15 sacks got this season. That’s a Browns franchise record, and Garrett has more video games to include to his excellent year. EA has actually plainly born in mind of Garrett’s extremely remarkable athletic capability. His efficiencies in Cleveland are a lot more excellent when you consider he bets the Browns, cursed because Jim Brown’s 1966 retirement. Garrett has actually come a long method from a 2019 event when he satisfied Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph on the head with his own helmet, and it’s fantastic to see EA honor their remarkable video game.

In a season of ups and downs for the Browns and a turbulent week that saw star players and the head coach checked favorable for -19, good is Myles Garrett, who got an overall rating of 99 in Madden NFL 22 the fans ought to hang on for dear life. With coronavirus versions cutting loose in northeast Ohio, we can just hope the Browns get the break out under control at their centers and return on track to win this season’s Super Bowl.

Sad times in Cleveland for Browns fans.
Sad times in Cleveland for Browns fans.

Let’s go brownies, let’s go …


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