Murders in Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland (WJW) – FBI FOX 8I Make an unique interest fix the enigma of both murders in Metroparks because 2019.

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The Federal Reserve Board of Governors Anonymous letter to I regarding what occurred. Since there is no other way to recognize the writer, the FBI in FOX 8 asked the writer to call a detective to load in some technicalities.

The letter consists of a details case regarding the day in June 2019 on the Rocky River Reservation that a person fired dead. Kernel Sled as well as Kate Brown.

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If you create a letter, the FBI would love to understand even more as well as collect even more hints regarding the enigma that pestered both family members for almost 2 years.

FBI Special Agent Vicky Anderson stated, “I do not understand what the individual that created this letter is, what their objectives are, however we need to reach the origin of it. “.

According to the FBI, the confidential letter is an idea, the just one until now, as well as private investigators have actually not had the ability to totally map it. Do you have any kind of hints? Or is it rubbish?

The FBI informs the author, “We require to talk.”

Vicky Anderson included: You are still confidential. We’re absolutely maintaining it a key. Maybe it’s entirely imaginary. Or perhaps not. But we simply do not understand up until we reach its origins. “

The letter was sent out to I months after the criminal activity. We handed it over to the authorities instantly. However, the letter is currently obtaining brand-new focus as I-Team just recently examined the as well as disclosed brand-new info as well as brand-new video clips that had actually never ever been seen prior to.

The letter specifies that the woman had actually been eliminated. She spoke with Kernel Sledge and after that began capturing.

Evidence Room Crime Site Reconstruction professionals have actually produced a totally free computer animation of the FOX8 criminal activity scene. However, private investigators stress that it is still uncertain whether the awesome is a woman or a man.

Perhaps the writer of the letter can load in a few of the voids.

“Maybe it’s lawful,” statedAnderson “But we need to reach that origin as well as we need to have this discussion.”

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Meanwhile, the sufferer’s household ended up being irritated as well as waited on justice.

Kate Brown’s daddy, Tom Brown, just recently stated: 2 years. “

Even if the suggestion that results in the apprehension is compensated with approximately $ 100,000, the criminal activity stays unresolved.

If you or a person you understand is creating a confidential letter, the FBI desires you to call 877- FBI- OHIO. You can additionally call the criminal activity boxer (216-252-7463) if you have a lead (you can leave it confidential).

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