Matthew Alec and Soul Electrical have a good time Cleveland with Funky New Single

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-based jazz fusion act Matthew Alec and The Soul Electric just released their funky new single, “Cleveland Time,” along with a music video that was filmed in Cleveland. The title track from the band’s upcoming album, due to be released on February 19th, the song really resonates and draws on funk, jazz and hip-hop.

Time is the last track I wrote for the album,” said saxophonist Alec in a statement. “I thought the album had what it takes to be a great fusion record, but it lacked that ‘epic’ title track to bring it all together.”

Alec wrote the saxophone hook during a practice lesson and it turned into a song.

“I just started playing it and I liked how catchy and powerful it was,” says Alec. “I also liked that it was mostly in the altissimo register, which I haven’t really heard before. I told my friend Ameer Williamson (aka Minus the Alien) to write a verse that was artistic and focused on downtown resurgence. He hit the nail right on the head. Jared Lees is the newest member of the group and he has the rare gift of being a great bass soloist. That’s why it was important to me to him giving the opportunity to show this bass solo really sings about it. As for Tom Malone’s involvement, I came up with this one night at 4:00 am It turned out he really did dig what we did, a killer Horn section added and the trombone solo totally destroyed I can’t imagine the melody or the record without him being there. Everything literally came together perfectly. ”

Time is the group’s first release with Alec (tenor saxophone and EWI), Brian Woods (piano, keyboards, organs and vocals on “Give What You Take” and “Baby You Got Me”), Steven Forest Sanders (guitar plus vocals on) “Enigma Man”), Jared Lees (bass), Jeremiah Hawkins (drums plus drums on “Baby You Got Me”) and Leon Henault (drums).

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