It hurts to lose those favorite Cleveland radio voices, from Mike Trivisonno to Pete Franklin – Terry Pluto

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mike Trivisonno is the most recent Cleveland radio voice to die this year.

He follows Joe Tait as well as Les Levine, 2 Cleveland sporting activities media titans that additionally died this period. My close friend Matt Loede really did not have an account, however the 46- year- old was a radio host. He can – as well as did – record on virtually anything.

Loede is gone as well.

Maybe it’s 66, however when I consider Trivisonno it’s not regarding his mid-day radio reveal on WTAM. I consider Pete Franklin, the godfather of sporting activities talks in Northeast Ohio.

“You can hear me in 38 states as well as fifty percent of Canada!” Franklin’s voice would certainly expand on the 50,000 watt giant signal of the WWWE at the time. It is currently WTAM.

To among his rivals, Franklin informed his target market, “You can hear this terminal on 38 roads as well as half the West Side!” Then he took place a business for the Tic Tock Tavern as well as allow you taste these “scrumptious ribs that are scrumptious.”.

Trivisonno was a customer on Franklin’s Sportsline reveal … called himselfMr Know ItAll He ultimately took control of Franklin’s chair at the terminal as well as ruled from 1986 till his fatality Thursday at the age of 74.

Pete Franklin ruled Cleveland Talk Radio from 1967 to 1987.Simple supplier historic collection


Franklin possessed the Aether from 1967-87 I as soon as stated these really words to him. Pete responded, “Owns it? What does that imply? I pay the home loan? “

But Franklin’s prime time came prior to the Internet, prior to cable televisiontelevision It was the age of 3- network black as well as white television as well as AM radio that controlled the airwaves. There were kids with little transistor radios under their cushions in the evening. We paid attention to video games or perhaps rock-and-roll on the old “WIXY, 1260, SUPER RADIO!” It was radio terminals happening with the similarity Larry “The Duke” Morrow, while teens consumed hamburgers as well as french fries in position like Red Barn as well asBearden’s

Once when I was a youngster I called Franklin as well as recommended a bargain.

“Why do not you do your research?” he chewed out me. “Hey boy, take the profession as well as go to bed.”

Looks negative when published, however it was enjoyable at that time. About a loads years later on, I was a young baseball author on The Plain Dealer, as well as Franklin typically had me on his program. Franklin was currently asking me regarding service the can do.

As Trivisonno would certainly state, “Only in America”.


” I entered business to make songs, to create tunes – not to be a rock celebrity,” stated vocalist- songwriter Michael Stanley, seen below at the WNCX FM/ 98.5 workplaces where he came to be a DJ in1991 The Plain Dealer


I took place a lengthy walking the day Trivisonno passed away. I really did not recognize him well. His talk radio design had not been myfavorite But I recognized why he had a lot of followers.

Talkradio has something individual as well as intimate regarding it. It can be an individual being in the automobile with you while you drive alone at night for hrs.

“Thank god for the man that placed the white lines on the autobahn.”

It’s from a Michael Stanley tune called “Lover”. We shed the Cleveland vocalist/ songwriter in March at the age of72 He was additionally a voice on the radio on WNCX for 30 years.

Or perhaps it’s the early morning radio voice that maintains you business at morning meal in the early morning. Despite all the adjustments in the media, a lot has actually stayed the exact same on theradio The faceless voice, the close friend we have actually never ever satisfied directly however whose voice is a convenience.

Nev Chandler

Nev Chandler was a sporting activities commentator for TV- 5. He played people video games on the radio in the very early 1980 s, however his finest job was as a broadcaster from 1985 to 1993.Simple supplier historic collection


Joe Tait as well as I were buddies. He established the requirement for regional play- by- play, specifically basketball.

He informed me that radio individuals “have to do theradio Remember that those that pay attention to you can not see the video game. “This is what he would certainly educate young broadcasters:” Time as well as rating. Give it … a great deal.Recap Nobody listens to every little thing you state. “

Tom Hamilton from the people comes from this custom. I additionally enjoy the job of Jim Donovan as well as Tim Alcorn (a Tait protégé). They bear in mind that they get on the radio.

But an additional name came to mind – Nev Chandler.

” 5- 4- 3- 2- 1 … GOAL!” That was Chandler’s hallmark as he supplied the Browns’ radio soundtrack from 1986-93 He passed away of cancer cells in 1994 at the age of 47.

I still miss him. Same with Herb Score … Casey Coleman … Les Levine as well as the “How Come Quickees?” I make certain you have your very own checklist.

The voices of our video games, the voices of the evening, the voices of our life.


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