How will the new 17-game season of the NFL affect the Cleveland Browns’ records in one season?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Jim Brown retired as the NFL’s lead rush after the 1965 period. It had not been up until 1984 that he was captured by a person. Brown won 12,312 backyards in 9 periods, with Walter Payton midway via his 10 th period.

But that streamlines points excessive.

The NFL timetable altered from 12 to 14 video games in1961 That was 5 periods in Brown’s profession. It took one more 17 years for the NFL to expand the normal period once more, relocating to 16 video games in1978 With that, Payton had 16 periods in the last 10 years of his profession.

In various other words, it took Payton 136 video games to match what Brown entered 118.

Today, Brown rankings 11 th on the all-time hurrying checklist. He is the only gamer in the top 30 that has actually played his whole profession prior to the 16- video game timetable. Only 2 gamers in advance of him – Payton and also Tony Dorsett – were still playing a period prior to the 16- video game age.

Brown is still a profession leader. Even if the NFL transfers to a 17- video game timetable in 2021, that document is secure.

For currently.

But what concerning the group’s documents in one period? Does a 17 th video game put Brown’s stats in jeopardy? Does Baker Mayfield currently have an opportunity to surpass documents? Will Jarvis Landry and also Odell BeckhamJr have a more clear means to obtain documents?

Let’s take a closer appearance.


Six of the 7 finest hurrying amounts for a period in franchise business background – consisting of the 3 finest – come fromBrown His 1,863 backyards in 1963 (14 video games) cover the checklist. Nick Chubbs 1,494 backyards in 2019 ended up 4th.

Chubb ended up last period with 1,067 backyards, balancing 88.9 backyards in 12 video games. Assuming over 17 video games amount to Chubb 1,511 backyards, that would certainly change his 2019 total amount in 4th put on the franchise business checklist.

What concerning Chubb’s 2019 period when he balanced 93.4 meters per video game? That him at 1,588 backyards in 17 video games, adequate for 2nd location however still means behind Brown’s 1963 period.

If you wish to utilize backyards per video game as a determining stick, Brown controls this checklist as well, holding the leading 7 areas with standards in between 100.6 and also 133.1. Chubb 8th (2019) and also 9th (2020).

Kevin Stefanski’s offending runs much like any type of contemporary NFL group, however 133 backyards per video game appears quite secure. After all, it’s the second-best single-season standard in NFL background.


Mayfield is 4th (3,854 backyards, 2019), 7th (3,725, 2018), and also 9th (3,563, 2020) on the franchise business’s single-season passing yardage checklist. If he tasks 17 video games this 2019 period, he will certainly have 4,066 backyards. But that just him in 2nd location behind Brian Sipes in 1980 a total amount of 4,132

Mayfield’s 266.1 backyards per video game in 2018 is the franchise business document, and also generally him previous Sipe over 17 video games. But it is not likely that Mayfield would certainly ever before rack up that much per video game in Stefanski’s also strike.

His 2020 ordinary per video game is 17 th (2227). If he extends over 17 video games, he’ll just complete 7th and also have actually left his 2018 period behind. Stefanki’s various other quarterback as video game customer, the Vikings’ Kirk relatives, balanced 240.1 backyards per video game in2019 That would certainly be 4,083 backyards in 17 video games, still behind Sipe.

3. GET

Ozzie Newsome and also Kellen Winslow share the franchise business document for the most functions in a period with89 However, Newsome has actually done this two times. Josh Gordon is 4th (87 in 14 video games in 2013) and also Kevin Johnson is 5th (84).

Landry is 6th (83, 2019) and also 8th (81, 2018).

But also right here Stefanski’s crime makes an 89 catch period resemble a long odds. Landry led the 2020 with 72 captures in 15 video games, 15 th on the Browns checklist. But also if you provide Landry back the video game he missed out on and also include a 17 th, his catch per video game standard just brings him to 82, simply listed below the top 10.

For the document, Stefon Diggs led the Vikings with 63 captures in 15 video games in 2019 with Stefanski.

Yards will certainly be an also steeper hillside to climb up. Landry led the with 840 getting backyards last period, contrasted to 1,174 in 2014. Not just that, both backyards per catch and also ordinary target deepness lowered for Landry, as well.

Beckham’s backyards per catch remained approximately the very same (140, 13.9) from 2019 to 2020, and also his target deepness raised a little (130, 13.6). He had 23 captures in 7 video games, however it was truly just 6 video games since he was wounded in the initial offending collection in week 7.

Projecting his catches over 17 video games, Beckham just obtained 65 captures last period. Nowhere near document locations.


Bill Glass’s 1965 14.5 bags is taken into consideration the franchise business document for a period. There is an asterisk alongside Glass in the media guidebook, nevertheless, as sacks really did not come to be a main NFL figure up until 1982.

Jack Gregory (1970) is 2nd at 14 with Reggie Camp (1984). Myles Garrett is 2nd in 2018 with 13.5.

The reality is, Garrett possibly does not require 17 video games to leadingGlass He simply needs to remain on the area for greater than 10-12 video games. He had 7 bags in 11 video games as a newbie, after that 10 bags in 10 video games in2019 He had 12 bags in 14 video games last period however was managing the negative effects of for the last 5 weeks of the normal period.

The just time Garrett played a whole period – 2018 – he came within a sack of the franchise business document.


The ended up last period with 408 factors, the 4th greatest in franchise business background and also the most effective given that1964 The rating increased throughout the organization as 2020 had the greatest standards per video game in background for factors (248), Yards (3590) and also initial tees (7/21).

The 2020 period additionally brought the 2018 mark for the most goals per video game (1.7 ). In truth, the 6 finest goal periods in the previous 8 years have actually passed.

That pattern might lead Mayfield to cover the Browns goal checklist for a period. Sipe additionally leads this with 30 (1980). But Mayfield pitched 26 last period and also 27 in 13 video games as a newbie. A 2nd year on the very same offensive and also the possible to begin 17 video games might be sufficient to maintain Mayfield the document.

Brown’s 21 goals in 1965 are the franchise business document and also the numbers to ensure. Chubb had 12 goals (all hurrying) last period and also Kareem Hunt had11 That was 12 th and also 24 th specifically.

Braylon Edwards’ 16 goals in 2007 leading the function checklist. The just various other receivers on the checklist after 1999 are Gary Barnidge (2015) and also Gordon (2013), whose 9 goals remain in 8th location. Most of the goals any person had last period were Hunt’s 5.

As for fast goals, Chubbs 12 are 8th last period, an outstanding task considering he’s just played 12 video games. Brown additionally holds this document at 17.

He did it two times. Once in 14 video games and also as soon as in 12.

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