Greater Cleveland Food Bank offers pre-holiday food

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The Greater Bank supplies food to roughly 2,000 households weekly. This week was no various.

“It is a terrific assistance to lots of households who are struggling this time of year,” stated Tammy Torres.

Tammy, mom of 3, states the previous year has actually been tough to make ends satisfy.

“It’s a battle however I come here and I understand they can assist,” stated Torres.

This popular center had more than 100 volunteers dispersing food. From officers to high school players.

“I believe it is very important since there are individuals who have more than others, and I sense that individuals with more alternatives and can return individuals with less,” stated volunteer Jaden Wilkerson.

Cuyahoga County has the biggest variety of kids in who are insecure.

As of Wednesday, they had adequate to assist a minimum of 4,000 households.

“I feel blessed to come here and get assist to support my household,” stated Torres.

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