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Our specialists can help homeowners who need maintenance, furnace repairs, or 24-hour emergency furnace service. It is always good planning to have a reliable, well-maintained gas, oil, or electric furnace that can withstand the harsh winters in Cleveland.

Furnace Cleveland Ohio

We will offer suggestions on how to fix your furnace, and we’ll give you options for furnace repair that will bring warmth back inside your home.

Factory-trained furnace and heating repair technicians have been trained in the use of high-efficiency furnace and boiler units, as well as best practices for installation and repair.

We promise to fix it right the very first time you choose us!

Certified Installation

Our technicians are certified  in  Ohio to install your furnace. We ensure that your furnace is installed correctly to ensure safety, efficiency, and comfort. Your home should be comfortable and warm. When the furnace repair and service is being done, we use work mats and wear shoe covers. In addition, we will remove all broken parts and clean up the area.

You won’t regret calling the wrong company to perform furnace repair or installation services. Instead, call us at 216-238-2335, and we will help you make the right decision.

Furnace Repair Services We specialize In

Our heating company specializes in many furnace repair and installation services. We offer services to residential and commercial customers and provide 24-hour emergency services. Our services include commercial HVAC repairs, custom-designed heating system installation, and preventive maintenance on all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

We can install gas, oil, or electric furnaces, as well as electric and programmable thermostats to increase energy efficiency.

Intelligent Solutions for a Comfortable

For years we have been helping commercial and residential customers throughout and the surrounding area. All types of heating systems are handled by our certified technicians, including dual fuel units, gas furnaces, and heat pumps. In addition, our company has a repair team to resolve common furnace problems such as unusual noises, foul smells, uneven temperatures, and leaks.

Furnace Repair & Replacement Prices in Ohio

Minimal Cost $1.367.00 – Average Cost $1.512.00 – Maximum Cost $1.658.00

It’s good to think about replacing a furnace as soon as you notice any major ongoing problems with it. To save money, it’s best to have your furnace replaced by a professional. But remember, you could do more damage than good and ultimately cost you more. A qualified expert should only do your furnace replacement. A trained expert should be able to assist you in determining the right size furnace for your home.

Questions People Ask

What is the cost of a furnace repair?

Average furnace repairs cost $304, which is between $131 to $478. Repairs of electric furnaces cost $300 to $300. The complexity of repairs to gas furnaces can cost between $375 and $1,200. The average HVAC technician will charge $75, but the hourly rate can vary from $50 to $150.

What are the most common furnace repairs?

The thermostat isn’t working. Filters are dirty and clogged. Flickering, weak or oddly colored pilot light. Cracked Heat Exchanger. Malfunctioning or frayed Blower Belt. Furnace Over-Cycling. Limit Switch Malfunction. The furnace isn’t blowing.

What causes the furnace to stop working?

The thermostat is not set on. Circuit Breaker is flipped. Clogged air filter. Access Panel to Furnace not On Correctly. Furnace not adequately lubricated. The Flame Sensor Must Be Cleaned. Heat Exchanger Is Cracked.


Why Is my furnace leaking?

There are many things you could do with a few. However, they can leak water through condensation. For example, high-efficiency furnaces have cool exhausts that produce condensation. Because of their cool exhausts, these furnaces are directed to a floor drain. Blockages can lead to a leak or clogging the condensation tubing. The blockage of the floor drain could cause water to stop flowing.

There are many possible causes of water leakage, even if your furnace isn’t high-efficiency.

  • Defective secondary heat exchanger
  • A defective furnace humidifier
  • Internal drain obstruction

These issues can be costly to repair. A can assist you with furnace repairs. Water leaking from furnaces can happen in any of these scenarios. This can cause severe damage and even downtime.

Why does my furnace keep on turning off?

This type of furnace problem is the most frequently asked. It’s a common problem that you can fix yourself without the need to call in professionals.

The most common reason furnaces shut down is because they have a dirty furnace filter. Filter blockages in furnaces can lead to your furnace overheating or shutting down. Changing your furnace filter every month is a good idea if you have not done so in the past month.

Are you having trouble with your filter? You might want to have your thermostat checked if it is located near heat sources like sunlight, heat registers, or fireplaces. Your thermostat might think your home is warmer than it is, which causes the furnace to go off too frequently or too early.

A furnace that is not sized for your home can cause short cycling. A furnace that is too big for your home will heat up quickly and then turn off. The cycle will continue until your home cools off. It’s the most costly problem. However, it is possible to replace your furnace.

How do I light a pilot light on a furnace?

Here are some tips to turn your furnace’s pilot light on again.

  1. Refer to the furnace instruction manual or label on your furnace first.
  2. Find the pilot light assembly and the components.
  3. Set the pilot dial at “off.”
  4. Make sure you allow the gas to evaporate for at least five minutes.
  5. Press “pilot” to activate the pilot dial. To activate the pilot dial, press “pilot.”
  6. Near the dial, press the “reset” button. Place the lighter flame near the pilot light opening.
  7. Click the “reset” button.

Your furnace pilot should now be switched on.

Furnace Cleveland Ohio

Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

Furnaces can quickly start blowing cold air. Therefore, it is essential to check the fan settings of your furnace. You should switch to Auto if the furnace’s fan is not turning on but is producing warm air. It will ensure that the furnace heats the air properly and the fan runs appropriately.

Dirty filters can lead to cold air buildup, which can cause the furnace to stop airflow to its heat exchanger. Warm air will fill your home if you replace your filter.

Finally, check the pilot light. If the pilot light goes out, your furnace might be trying to work without heat sources. To get the pilot backlit, see the question above.

Why does my furnace keep running?

For your Cleveland furnace to run continuously, the thermostat fan setting on the furnace should be set to “on.” To fix the problem, change the thermostat setting from “on” to “auto.” Set the thermostat to a lower temperature than the room temperature. The furnace should cycle after about five minutes.

It could be that the furnace is not cycling. It could be if it isn’t.

  • You can set the fan limit switch to “manual overload.”
  • Faulty fan limit switch
  • The thermostat is not wired correctly.

Before calling a heating technician, make sure that the fan is not on manual overload. The fan limit switch is located in the lower right corner of the furnace panel covers. Once you’ve located the switch, make sure that the button in the white area is not pressed.

Pressing the button will turn on the manual switch. The fan will run continuously if it is set to manual. To reset the switch to Auto, pull on the button.

Let’s suppose you reset the switch to Auto, and the system still runs. To determine if the problem is more serious, you should consult an expert.

Why is my furnace so loud?

You may hear your furnace make a variety of noises. However, nearly all these sounds can make you wonder if your furnace is not working correctly.

You might hear strange or loud sounds coming from your furnace due to things like.

  • Improper blower assembly
  • Expanding ductwork
  • No screws or loose debris
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Motor bearings or bad belt

Why does my furnace emit smells?

Rotten eggs. Burning wax. Dust. There are many smells that your furnace could emit. They are all unpleasant to the nose.

Your furnace’s most common causes of unusual smells are:

  • The furnace is not being used
  • Clogged air filter
  • Natural gas is leaking from the pipe
  • Heating is possible with the furnace parts

Natural gas leaks are the most severe problem on this list. Turn off your furnace if you smell gas or rotten eggs near it. You should open the windows immediately, close the doors and get out.

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