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CLEVELAND, Ohio– Three years right into this initial term, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish had actually granted a lot of six-figure incomes, some with questionable finalizing rewards or various other private-sector-style rewards, that inquired about the intensifying price of his management.

At a 2018 conference with the content board, Budish’s $177,000- a-year principal of team at the time, Sharon Sobol Jordan, safeguarded the incomes and also rewards, competing they were the only means the management might draw in the leading skill required to efficiently run the federal government.

” A great deal of points can not take place unless the area ups its video game and also obtains the appropriate individuals and also appropriate systems in position,” she claimed. “Those points set you back cash.”

Today, a lot of that skill is gone, consisting of SobolJordan In reality, by our projection, just 7 of 21 leading managers worked with by Budish throughout his initial term will certainly continue to be on duty since following month, after the separations of interactions principal Eliza Wing and also financial growth principal Ted Carter.

Even a few of individuals worked with as substitutes – or worked with as substitutes for substitutes – are currently gone. Not checking acting visits, Budish gets on his 3rd principal of team, 3rd constable, 3rd health and wellness and also human solutions supervisor and also 4th public safety and security supervisor.

Here is a run-through of that has actually remained and also that has actually left:

Chief of Staff

Sobol Jordan acted as Budish’s initial principal of team, with a beginning wage of $170,000 She held the task for regarding 3 years, throughout which time Budish permitted her to seek an MBA at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

In a September 2016 recommendation letter to the university, Budish mentioned that the area would certainly spend for Sobol Jordan’s traveling to and also from Columbus and also would certainly deal with as area job time all routine tasks included with her level program.

In February, 2018, Sobol Jordan left the area to run technology startup, Unify Project.

Budish changed her with Shaker Heights Mayor Earl Leiken at a wage of $152,000 Leiken gave up after 9 months, mentioning health and wellness factors.

Matt Carroll, that has actually held selection of high-level settings for many years, was acting principal of team till Budish touched previous area Prosecutor Bill Mason for the task in mid-2019 Mason was worked with at a wage of $225,000 His 2021 wage is $234,000

Law supervisor

Bob Triozzi was worked with as Budish’s initial regulation supervisor in 2015, at a wage of $165,000 He gave up in January 2019 without supplying a factor, yet claimed he would certainly look for a function in college pertaining to bail reform. His 2019 wage was $175,000

Triozzi currently helps Cleveland State’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, according to the CSU site.

Greg Huth, a previous financial growth authorities, changed Triozzi as regulation supervisor in May2019 Huth’s 2021 wage is $158,000

Human sources principal

Douglas Dykes was worked with in very early 2016, at a wage of $166,000 He gave up in January 2020, when his wage was $176,500

Dykes invested his in 2015 at the area under felony charge, implicated of unlawfully transforming a $13,500 relocating expenditure for an IT authorities in 2017 right into a $15,000 finalizing incentive. He surrendered days after discovered he had actually surreptitiously settled greater than $10,000 he was implicated of taking, and also later on begged guilty to 2 offenses.

Dykes currently functions as a Human Resources associate vice head of state at Cleveland State University.

Budish changed him in June 2020 with Jesse Drucker, a previous Human Resources authorities at CSU. Drucker’s 2021 wage is $178,500

Public safety and security principal

Budish produced the placement of public safety and security principal in his initial month in workplace in2015 He advertised after that-Sheriff Frank Bova right into the task, at a first wage of $130,000 Bova was making $135,000- a-year in September 2017, when he gave up to take a higher-paying task as CityHealth’s authorities principal.

Budish filled up the job in June 2018 with Brandy Carney, then-director of the Public Safety and also Justice ServicesDepartment After 18 months in the function, Budish in late 2019 relocated Carney to an additional freshly produced primary placement.

The job was completed February 2020 with Bob Coury– a software application business exec that formerly acted as after that-Prosecutor Bill Mason’s initial aide. Coury’s 2021 wage is $127,500

Information modern technology principal

Budish additionally produced a brand-new leading placement for the IT division in 2016: primary info and also improvement officer. He worked with Scot Rourke for the task, at a yearly wage of $204,000

Two years later on, Rourke was called in criminal subpoenas in a contract-steering examination right into IT attorney Emily McNeeley. As component of an appeal deal, district attorneys went down felony fees versus McNeeley and also she begged guilty to blocking main organization and also dereliction of responsibility.

Rourke was never ever billed, yet Budish positioned him off duty in February 2018, and also never ever permitted him to go back to function. Rourke was terminated almost 2 years later on, after council participants questioned regarding his task standing. Rourke later on took legal action against and also the area cleared up with him last month for $245,000 Rourke’s ConnectedIn account states he currently helps a consulting organization in Chagrin Falls.

Rourke’s job has actually never ever been filled up; lower-ranking IT authorities obtained pay bumps to cover his task responsibilities.

Budish in 2015 started evaluating a brand-new IT administration framework in which 2 lower-ranking authorities– neither based on council verification– run the division, as opposed to an IT principal, or primary info officer, settings that would certainly call for verification.

Economic chance and also development principal

Budish preserved Matt Carroll (previous County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s principal of team) when he took workplace in 2015– initially as a “unique aide” and also later on in the newly-created placement of principal of financial chance and also development. Carroll additionally acted as acting principal of team and also acting health and wellness and also human solutions supervisor.

Carroll’s 2015 wage was $148,000 His 2021 wage is $160,800

Communications principal

Budish touched Eliza Wing for an additional freshly produced task of interactions principal in August 2015.

Her last day at the area is anticipated to be April15 Going onward, she’ll act as a consultant for the general public connections company Dix & Eaton.

Wing’s wage expanded from $140,000 in 2015 to $158,000 in 2021.

The area is presently looking for a substitute.

Chief technology officer

After a nationwide search, Budish worked with Daro Mott for an additional freshly produced task of primary technology officer in December 2015 at a wage of $140,000

Mott give up 11 months later on, in November 2016, to go back to Louisville-Jefferson County city federal government, where he functioned prior to he was hired to Cuyahoga County.

Budish filled up the job in December 2017 with Catherine Tkachyk, whose 2021 wage is $151,500

Fiscal officer

Dennis Kennedy was worked with as monetary officer in March 2015, at a wage of $130,000 His wage had actually climbed to $158,000 by the time he gave up in October 2019 to be money supervisor for the city of UniversityHeights His relocation included a $48,000 pay cut.

Michael Chambers, formerly of the Public Works Department, acted as acting supervisor after Kennedy left. Chambers’ visit was made long-term in February 2020; his 2021 wage is $156,000


Budish touched Cliff Pinkney to be constable in April 2015 after advertising after that-Sheriff Bova to safety and security principal. Pinkney retired in August 2019, amidst results from prisoner fatalities at the prison and also a relevant criminal examination.

Pinkney’s 2015 wage was $112,000; his 2019 wage was $127,700

Budish changed him with meantime Sheriff David Schilling, that offered in the function for 15 months prior to retiring inDecember Sheriff’sLt Joseph Greiner acted as an additional acting constable, and also was changed previously this month long-term Sheriff Chris Viland, whose wage is $129,000

Health and also human solutions supervisor

This was the last high-level placement to be filled up after Budish took workplace. Thomas Pristow was verified by County Council in April 2016, looking after essential area divisions of Children and also Family Services, Job and also Family Services, and also Senior and also Adult Services.

Pristow’s 2016 wage was $149,000; his 2017 wage was $155,000 He gave up after 18 months to end up being replacement commissioner for New Hampshire’s Health and also Human Services Department.

Walter Parfejewiec, the veteran area health and wellness and also human solutions economic police officer, was later on verified as Pristow’s substitute, yet he just offered in the function for around 18 months prior to he was called spending plan supervisor.

David Merriman, an additional HHS authorities, was verified as supervisor in mid-2020; his 2021 wage is $140,500

Public safety and security and also justice solutions supervisor

In his 2nd month in workplace, Budish relocated Ken Mills, public safety and security supervisor under FitzGerald, right into a newly-created placement of prison supervisor at a wage of $117,00 Mills surrendered in 2018, and also was later on billed with dereliction of responsibility and also various other offenses connected to his oversight of the prison.

Budish at first filled up the job with George Taylor, that offered in the function for around 15 months, at a wage of regarding $121,000 Taylor later on acted as replacement principal of the Sheriff’s Department and also acting prison supervisor prior to retiring in very early 2018.

Budish changed Taylor in 2016 with Brandy Carney, that filled up the task for regarding 2 years till she was advertised to safety and security principal in June2018 (Carney’s 2017 wage for the supervisor task had to do with $112,000)

Alex Pellom took control of in November 2018; his 2021 wage is $112,500

Special procedures principal

Budish relocated then-public safety and security principal Carney right into this freshly produced placement in late 2019.

As unique procedures principal, Carney was offered oversight of the Public Safety Department, cash the area gotten in negotiations with opioid suppliers, and also the development of a diversion facility, where psychologically sick or addicted criminal activity suspects can be dealt with as opposed to incarcerated.

Carney preserved her $130,500- a-year wage when Budish changed her placement. Her 2021 wage is $136,000

Regional cooperation supervisor

Eddy Kraus was Budish’s regionalism supervisor from very early 2015 via November 2017, when he was chosen mayor ofSolon His 2015 wage was $124,000; his 2017 wage was $130,000

Michele Pomerantz, whose 2021 wage is $122,000, filled up the job in July 2018.

Economic growth principal

Ted Carter, whose last day at the area is April 1, began as financial growth principal in January 2016, after a year-long nationwide search to load the placement. His wage was $194,000 in 2016, and also $214,000 in2021 He is leaving the task following month to be the city of Baltimore’s replacement mayor for financial growth.


Chris Murray was verified in April 2015, at a yearly wage of $116,000 His 2021 wage is $130,800

Public Works supervisor

Mike Dever was verified in April 2015, at a yearly wage of $121,000 His 2021 wage is $145,700

Medical supervisor

Thomas Gilson, clinical supervisor under FitzGerald, proceeded in the function when Budish took workplace. His 2015 wage was $238,000 His 2021 wage is $286,000

Clerk of courts

Nailah Byrd, assessor general under FitzGerald, was called staff of courts by Budish in February 2015, at a wage of $145,000 Her 2021 wage is $163,000

Special efforts supervisor

Nathan Kelly, replacement principal of team under FitzGerald, acted as acting growth supervisor for the initial year of Budish’s management. Once Carter was worked with, Kelly was called supervisor of unique efforts, a task he held via completion of 2017, when he entrusted to help company Cushman &Wakefield His 2017 wage was $124,000

Sustainability supervisor and also customer supervisors

Mike Foley was verified as sustainability supervisor in March 2015, at a wage of $86,000 His 2021 wage is $97,000

Sheryl Harris was verified as customer supervisor in September 2015, at a wage of $85,000 Her 2021 wage is $96,000

Who did we consist of?

We thought about settings that needed verification by County Council, were formerly-elected settings, or are settings that record to the principal of team. (Jobs such as spending plan supervisor, purchase supervisor and also department heads in the Department of Health and also Human Services, were not consisted of due to the fact that they did not fulfill that bar.)

The sustainability and also customer divisions are tiny, yet we consisted of the supervisors due to the fact that they needed County Council verification. Excluding these 2 work, just 5 of Budish’s initial leading leaders will certainly continue to be used by the area since following month.

The overall wage expenses, from 2015 via 2021, for Budish’s top-tier authorities will certainly be about $191 million, thinking no substitutes for Wing or Carter are worked with.

The Budish management did not reply to an ask for remark regarding this tale.

Note: Salary info, days, task titles and also various other info gotten via area work documents, council regulation, coverage, and also, in a couple of situations, various other information electrical outlets. Most raise was because of common, yearly 2% elevates, though some leading leaders have actually gotten added elevates past that.

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