Cleveland sports teams honor fallen officer Shane Bartek

CLEVELAND (WJW) – At the funeral service of fallen cops officer Shane Bartek on Tuesday, the city’s 3 expert teams came together to reveal their acknowledgements.

Officer Shane Bartek’s sibling shares how he wished to be kept in mind

In a declaration published on the Guardians Twitter account, the Cavaliers, and Guardians stated the following:

The burial of Cleveland Officer Shane Bartek today advises us how grateful we are for the commitment and service he therefore lots of other members of our police and security render every day. Officer Bartek was unfortunately eliminated in a tried carjacking and we lost somebody enthusiastic about defense and service. He was likewise a long-lasting fan which, in addition to his unique commitment to our neighborhood, is something we never ever consider approved and considerably value. We reveal our acknowledgements to his friends and family who are going through this unpleasant and ridiculous loss.

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Bartek was exterminated responsibility on New Year’s Eve. Two individuals were charged in the event, and an examination is continuous.


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