Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to construct a zipper line in 2021

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  • Metroparks Zoo, Zipline RFQ, (Dec 2020)

The construction of a zipline project in the Metroparks Zoo could begin as early as February, according to Scene.

The zoo hopes that until a site manager is selected and an aggressive construction schedule is adhered to, the Soaring Eagle zipline experience will open on the zoo’s grounds by Memorial Day.

Soaring Eagle, the owner of the Zipline, was exempt from the zoo’s traditional bidding process as it was viewed as the “supplier of choice” for some time and its product was described as “unique and proprietary”. The zoo has had a potential zipline attraction in mind for several years, according to purchase documents. The metroparks pay $ 600,000 to $ 700,000 for two 680-foot ziplines and associated equipment.

As it turns out, the elements that make the Soaring Eagle product unique as a zipline experience are much more reminiscent of a ski lift experience.

As with ski lifts, the Soaring Eagle Zipline will originate and return to the same location. (The sitemap is visible above). According to the project description, these double ziplines will be “installed so that the loading / unloading platform is adjacent to Waterfowl Lake in the zoo between Stillwater Place and Wade Hall”. Round-trip transportation provides “users with an unobstructed view of the downtown skyline and the zoo below.”

This layout allows groups to stay together when family members zipline and then return to their starting point. The zip line is also intended as a year-round attraction and, in contrast to conventional zip lines, where participants have to wear a harness, it can accommodate two seated riders at the same time. Small children are allowed to ride next to adults.

“As such,” said Metroparks’ request for qualifications for a site manager, “the zipline provides a revenue opportunity that fits the zoo’s core demographics and offers the opportunity to expand the demographics to a more adventurous audience.”

The work budget for the construction manager, as stated in his tender, is between USD 700,000 and USD 800,000.

The ticket price for the attraction is not yet known, but the zip code is intended as a revenue-generating entertainment option that, like the Circle of Wildlife Carousel, Ben Gogolick Giraffe Encounter, and 4D Theater, is designed to support rising operating costs in and across the zoo Park district. In November, the Metroparks Board of Trustees was presented with a PowerPoint presentation with photos and conceptual representations of the zoo’s zipline experience.

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