Cleveland Browns should be ashamed of what they did to Baker Mayfield

In the video above, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker go over the fate of Baker Mayfield, who had a less-than-outstanding season with the Cleveland of average efficiencies, injuries and drama. Defending Baker Mayfield, Rob Parker thinks the Browns company didn’t get him right, however appears prepared to blame him for the groups’ insufficiencies.

Chris Broussard: “Should the Cleveland proceed? Should this be Baker Mayfield’s last video game versus the Browns?”

Rob Parker: “The Cleveland should be ashamed of what they did to Baker Mayfield. I’m not stating he’s runner-up or the very best quarterback given that sliced ​​bread for them, and I believe it’s incorrect for individuals to push for this man who played fairly well in 2015 … I should take this out. He played great for her! You have actually won 11 video games! You went to the playoffs! There’s no rejecting that. He played GOOD. They won a championship game versus their arch-rival the Pittsburgh Steelers! Blown them out! He returned this year and didn’t get the agreement. I comprehend they desired to wait longer, however he played well sufficient that he might have. He might have done it. I understand it’s not the tossing shoulder, however it’s still an injury and other things that are going on. You asked this man to head out there and rub it out and battle your method through and pursue your since when you enter the season you listen to all the experts. “They had a ‘Super Bowl lineup’. So he attempted to make it work and attempted to remain in there … Baker Mayfield, you do not play hurt! You do not, specifically if you didn’t get your agreement. They pimped you! The Cleveland pimped you. They will utilize you as a scapegoat. They will utilize you and state “Look, he can’t play! Baker’s trash! He is dreadful! ‘ Boy, did individuals ignore a year earlier. ”

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