Can you solve the Cleveland Browns 75th Anniversary crossword puzzle?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Think you’re a skilled follower? Think you recognize the team’s background inside out?

Then we have a crossword problem for you.

(Actually it is for every person)

As the commemorate their 75 th franchise business anniversary this period, we’re honoring the occasion with a crossword problem. It consists of ideas for solutions from 1946 to the existing day. There are 80 ideas in total amount.

Below is a web link that will certainly enable you to solve the problem online and also one more that will certainly enable you to publish it out as a PDF.

And certainly you will certainly additionally discover web links to the solutions listed below.

Crossword problem web links

To solve the problem online, go here.

To publish a PDF of the problem, go here.

Crossword problem solutions

Click below to see or publish out the solutions.

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