Browns, Browns, and more Browns, including a tribute to the fan who died of cancer: Top 21 tweets on’s Twitter account in 2021

CLEVELAND, Ohio – It has actually been stated lot of times in the past, Cleveland fans resemble no other in the nation.

When evaluating information to identify the most popular tweets on our @clevelanddotcom Twitter account for 2021, we discovered that 13 of the top 21 tweets belonged to the Browns in one method or another. Of the staying top 8, 4 belonged to the Cleveland baseball team.

The # 1 tweet of the year was without a doubt a tribute to Tom Seipel, a devoted Browns fan who died of kidney cancer at the age of 40 -individual, with aid from Baker and Emily Mayfield.

The information is based on most of the “engagements” (clicks, retweets, responds, following and likes) from Twitter Analytics as of December 12th.

number 1

This tribute post to Seipel, shared on February 13, consists of a overall of 537,495 engagements. A present check programs more than 1,000 retweets, more than 9,500 likes and more than 400 responds.

No. 2

Do you keep in mind that battle? When the Browns hosted the New York Giants for training together throughout training school in August, Brown’s cornerback Troy Hill and Giants recipient Sterling Shepard hit a couple of blows. The battle appeared to center around Hill making a little helmet-to-helmet contact with Shepard after a reception. One of our professional photographers, Joshua Gunter, recorded the scenes one at a time.

When we shared 4 of the images on Twitter, the tweet got almost 150 retweets and more than 700 likes. It has 158,593 engagements, according to Twitter Analytics.

No. 3

The Hill-Shepard battle was definitely popular for us on Twitter. This video of the end of the fistfighting had 68,668 engagements, including 127 retweets and 619 likes.

Number 4

The day prior to the Cleveland baseball team revealed its name modification in July, it was revealed that the brand-new name had actually been selected. A breaking news graphic and story link shared on Twitter had 40,275 engagements – with 935 likes, 257 retweets, 555 quote tweets and more than 350 responds.

No. 5

This amusing “baseball name” graphic shared at the start of the 2021 Cleveland Indians season was a struck with our Twitter fans. It amassed 34,134 engagements, including 124 likes, 142 quote tweets, and almost 100 responds.

No. 6

A tribute to Joe Tait – the voice of the Cavaliers for years – after his death in March was popular on our Twitter page. A graphic shown a link to his obituary had 805 likes and 175 retweets as part of his 25,615 engagements.

No. 7

How fortunate are you that Browns fan Tom Seipel, who is in a hospice with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer, saw Cleveland get a playoff birth at FirstEnergy Stadium ?! Photo: Tom Seipel

– clevelanddotcom (@clevelanddotcom) January 3, 2021

Another post about Seipel, this time about his journey to the Browns playoff win on January 3rd, made it into our top 10 tweets in 2021. Our audience “liked” the graphic practically 2,700 times, just part of the 23,696 engagements of the tweet.

No. 8

There is no concern that the Browns’ opener for the 2021-2022 season was excitedly waited for. The fans appeared long in the past the Muni Lot gates opened for tailgating on Sunday early morning. This time-lapse video, recorded on September 18, has more than 113,000 views, 2,400 likes, and 583 retweets. According to Twitter Analytics, there are a overall of 22,812 engagements.

No. 9

The day the Cleveland baseball team revealed that they had actually selected Guardians as their brand-new label, we surveyed our audience on social networks to see what they believed of the brand-new name. On Twitter, the survey has more than 1,000 likes and practically 1,000 reactions. In overall, the tweet has 21,109 engagements.

No. 10

Whoa! Our Twitter audience enjoyed this brief video of a charming one-handed catch behind the back that Jarvis Landry made throughout the Browns training school in July. It presently has around 44,000 deem well as more than 1,500 likes and practically 140 retweets as part of its 20,146 engagements.

No. 11

Another day, another one-handed grip from Landry in training. This video, recorded a couple of weeks after the very first Landry video that made this list, reveals another powerful catch. According to Twitter Analytics, this video had 20,089 interactions, including 1,350+ likes and almost 190 retweets.

No. 12

An Navy medic from Milan died Thursday in the terrorist attack in Kabul that eliminated 13 United States soldiers and more than 100 Afghans. Max Soviak finished from Edison High School in 2017.

– clevelanddotcom (@clevelanddotcom) August 27, 2021

A tribute to Max Soviak, one of the 13 United States soldiers who died in the terrorist attack on Kabul airport at the end of August, is the very first post on this top 21 list that has absolutely nothing to finish with sports. Soviak finished from Edison High School in Milan, northern Ohio, in 2017. The chart has 19,917 engagements according to Twitter Analytics. It has almost 3,000 likes, almost 800 retweets, and almost 225 responds.

No. 13

Every early morning we share images of gorgeous scenes from throughout our city. That specific image, an icy view of Cleveland, taken on the coasts of Lake Erie, was our all-time preferred great early morning image on Twitter this year. It was taken by regional professional photographer Gabe Leidy, who offers us authorization to share his images with our fans. Analysis reveals that this image has 16,235 interactions, including 1,700+ likes and 250+ retweets.

No. 14

Christine Priola, a previous physical therapist for the Cleveland schools, was jailed Thursday and implicated of taking part in the attack on the U.S. Capitol recently.

– clevelanddotcom (@clevelanddotcom) January 14, 2021

About a week after the January sixth Uprising in the U.S. Capitol, federal authorities jailed Christine Priola, a Willoughby woman who utilized to work as a physical therapist for Cleveland schools. This hurried short article about Priola’s arrest resulted in 15,170 interactions on Twitter, including 631 retweets and more than 2,200 likes.

No. 15

Back to Brown’s tweets. This video thread from the Muni-Lot on September 19th – the opener – reveals some … rowdy fans. The very first tweet in the thread got practically 800 likes and more than 100 retweets. According to Twitter Analytics, there are a overall of 14,964 engagements.

No. 16

This is what we call a gratitude video for Myles Garrett. The approximately 30-2nd clip programs Garrett walking shirtless throughout Browns training school on August 20th, and it actually flaunts his exceptionally strong body. The tweet has 14,254 interactions with practically 830 likes and 80 retweets.

No. 17

The NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders have actually revealed that all fans should have a COVID-19 in order to play video games this season. Unvaccinated fans have the chance to toss themselves at the gate prior to the video games. Would you like the Browns to carry out a comparable policy?

– clevelanddotcom (@clevelanddotcom) August 17, 2021

Another popular survey amongst our Twitter fans. On August 17th, we asked our audience if they believed the Browns need to follow the example of the Las Vegas Raiders and need fans at FirstEnergy Stadium to be immunized versus COVID-19. In overall, the tweet has 12,730 interactions with more than 600 likes, 75 retweets and practically 500 responds.

No. 18

The scuffle in between Hill and Shepard wasn’t the just popular video of the Browns and Giants’ joint practice. Fans enjoyed this 9-second clip in which Mayfield discovered David Njoku about previous Brown and his associate Jabrill Peppers. It has 12,107 engagements, according to evaluates, with practically 750 likes and practically 80 retweets.

No. 19

This might effectively be the in 2015 Cleveland utilized the name “Indians” for the franchise. What do you believe the next label should be? Photo: AP.

– clevelanddotcom (@clevelanddotcom) April 5, 2021

At the start of the last Indians season it was (quite) clear that it would be the last in which the team played under this name. On April 5th – the team’s kick-off – we asked our Twitter audience for the team’s brand-new name, utilizing some of the more popular recommendations (at the time). The tweet with 11,065 interactions gotten more than 525 responds along with 149 likes and 65 retweets.

No. 20

Our Twitter fans appear to actually like our surveys. In the run-up to this present Browns season – the 75th anniversary of the team in town – we asked our audience about the anniversary uniforms. The tweet got almost 1,000 likes, almost 50 retweets, and almost 200 responds as part of its 8,835 engagements.

No. 21

It just appears fitting that the 21st most popular tweet for 2021 is a warm tailgating image from the Browns’ opener on September 19th. The image, recorded by Muni Lot, has 8,647 engagements on Twitter, including more than 1,000 likes and 81 retweeted.

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