BLM Cleveland Launches Docuseries on Police Injustices Throughout Ohio. First up: Euclid

Black Lives Matter and two filmmakers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund production costs associated with new documentaries about injustice across Ohio.

The first season of the series, with four episodes, titled of Injustice, will focus on systemic abuse of the Euclidean agency. The first episode of the series is already available (above) and describes the 2017 assassination of Luke Stewart. Later episodes cover Recent Incidents of Misconduct, the department’s controversial training program that was known to include as part of the official curriculum: a Routine of comedian Chris Rock – and his story.

In a press release it was pointed out, among other things, that the first season would show, among other things, that the of Euclid had a contract with the expert in “killology”, Lt. Dave Grossman, for Police Training Services.

The Indiegogo campaign, which details the arc of the first season, is looking for $ 6,000 mostly to pay for the time it took to edit the footage. The funds will also be used to maintain a website that is intended to be a “comprehensive addition” to the series.

BLM said in its press release that additional funds would be used for season two, which will examine “some incredible examples of corruption and violent policing in the embattled city of East Cleveland”. Based on the audience’s reception, the goal will be to investigate stations across the state.

of Injustice was directed and edited by local filmmaker Roger Glenn Hill. Local independent journalist Brian “BZ” Douglas was co-producer, investigator and art director.

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