1966 Hearings of the US Civil Rights Commission in Cleveland: Housing | Messages

In Cleveland, the US Civil Rights Commission dedicated more time to housing than to any other single subject. Witnesses reported living in areas that were either segregated or ended up being so. Tenants affirmed to the bad condition of the houses in Hough. Commissioners spoke with professionals and spoke with housing authorities.

Listen to all of the reviews listed below. Audio is courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.

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part One

  • Hattie Mae Dugan, a of Hough
  • Morris Thorington who ran a store in Hough

Second part

  • Richard G. Townsend, who provided images of Cleveland areas
  • Ethel Plummer and her boys Lyle and Sam
  • Graduated from Western Reserve University Leonard Simmons

Part 3

  • Rev Walter Grevatt, pastor of the Hough Avenue United Church of Christ

Part 4

  • F. Barnard Sellers, US Civil Rights Commission program expert
  • Lyle E. Schaller, head of the church workplace
  • Allie Anderson from Cleveland
  • Velma Jean Woods, renter of the Clevelander

Part 5

  • Carnella Turner, homeowner of the Alhambra Village
  • James Russell, housing activist with the Freedom Fighters of
  • David Kaplan, owner of FAE Apartments, Inc.

Part 6

  • Charles Sheboy, Cleveland Housing Commissioner
  • Clyde Fehn, pipes engineer for the US Health Service
  • William F. Murphy, chief of the Cleveland Health Department’s and Drug Administration
  • Rose Watkins, Outhwaite Estates homeowner

Part 7

  • Bayla White, program expert for the US Civil Rights Commission
  • Ernest J. Bohn, director of the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • James Albrecht, Head of Occupancy at the Housing Administration’s workplace

Part 8

  • Edwin D. Wolf, US Civil Rights Commissioner
  • Walter Sowell, website supervisor for the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • James P. Friedman, commissioner for the Cleveland Division of Slum Clearance and Blight Control

Part 9

  • Dean Swartzell, Regional Director of the Planning Department, Housing and Urban Development Department
  • Mary and Robert Crumpler, Cleveland citizens
  • Carl Schorr, Advance Mortgage Corporation
  • Robert Kruse, Mayor of Solon

Part 10

  • Commissioner Frankie M. Freeman, Civil Rights Attorney and Associate General Counsel of the St. Louis Housing and Land Clearance Authority
  • George Nesbitt, Director of the Low Income Housing Demonstration Program, Housing and Urban Development Department
  • M. Ray Niblack, Staff Vice President, Association Affairs, National Association of Home Builders
  • James Russell, homeowner of Hough
  • Carter Kissell, chairman of the Cleveland Development Foundation
  • Roger Starr, Executive Director of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council of New York

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